A Day In The Life…

The phrase “there’s not enough hours in the day” is fairly familiar to me, as it probably is to you too.

I thought I’d like to give you a little insight into how I live my daily life. Since revamping my approach to my lifestyle at the beginning of January, I’ve completed the fourth week of my exercise programme and I am about to go into the second phase – so a great time for a bit of reflection.

Here’s a little bit about my daily routine and how it’s changed recently:


Early bird eh! I try my best to get out of bed for this time, but I sometimes need five minutes to come to terms with the fact it feels like the middle of the night and I’m starting my day! Prior to now this would have been my worst nightmare – my idea of getting up early was 7.30 – 15 minutes before having to leave for work!

I go downstairs and have breakfast and make Michael a coffee and some porridge. The past week or so I’ve been having toast and avocado for breakfast – it sets me up well for the day.

I chuck on my gym clothes and off I go!


Michael drops me at the gym and I do a 30-45 minute weight session. Breaking a sweat in the morning makes me feel fresh and ready to go – plus knowing I’ve done my days exercise in the morning relaxes me and there’s no pressure to do it when I get home from work.

I have a shower at the gym and walk just over 1.5 miles to work. I can hear you all say I’m crazy! But the walk doesn’t take long and it’s relatively pleasant provided it’s not pouring. I also described it as only relatively pleasant as there is the odd occasion you pass an old lady walking her dog in her pyjamas – not a care in the world.

On days I don’t go to the gym I try to get up between this time and 06.30am to give myself plenty of time to get ready and have breakfast.



I arrive at work at this time and get my computer logged in and my to-do list for the day written.


This is when I’ll have a coffee and something small to eat. It helps give me a little boost to carry on through until lunch!


Time for lunch! I try to bring something hearty for lunch rather than just a sandwich because that can be fairly bland and never fills me up! I usually have the night before leftovers which can just be heat up in the microwave.


Home time! The shift I do is great because when I get home I’ve got the rest of the afternoon to myself.

When I get home I don’t find myself with much time to relax before preparing and cooking dinner. Michael sometimes needs his earlier if he’s got football training, so I just prepare mine at the same time and leave it to reheat when I’m ready for it.


It’s quite often this is the first I’ll sit down since getting home from work. Some days I’m lucky and it’s an hour earlier.

I have dinner, sit down and watch some tv or have a scroll through social media for half an hour then I’ll usually tidy up or put our clean washing away – for two people we have so many clothes!


Every second or third night it’s back to the kitchen at this time to get our breakfasts and lunches prepared for the next couple of days. This helps our healthy eating stay on track and gives me some extra time in the morning. It doesn’t normally take long, about an hour or so.

I enjoy cooking and it’s oddly satisfying having all your Tupperware with your meals for the week lined up and ready to go!


If my day’s gone exactly how I’ve detailed above I’ll probably be ready to collapse any minute! I have a bath or shower and get my pyjamas on and curl up on the couch or in bed accompanied by a green tea. This is when I get the most time to write my next blog posts or if Michael’s home we catch up on any tv we’ve been watching.


I know so many people who don’t go to bed until past midnight – I salute you because I have no idea how you do it! If I’m not asleep by 10.30pm there’s something wrong.

I try my best to get 8 hours sleep at least, which recently I haven’t been because of the 05.15am rises which isn’t ideal, but on the days I get a lie in (06.15am!) I can get 8 hours.

On reflection,  it seems like my daily life is pretty hectic – and in summary, most days it is!

How does your day go?

Chloe x

River Island

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