Our Trip to Malta

Did I mention we went on holiday?

If you follow me on Instagram or read my Guide to Booking a February Holiday – you’ll know we took a trip to Malta two weeks ago. Obviously it’s not February any more, but if after this post you’re desperate to visit, still follow the steps on the guide to get yourself the best price.

I’ve wanted to visit Malta for a long time as all I’ve heard is good reviews. It did not disappoint. Every corner we turned was met with beautiful views, the locals were friendly and the food delicious – the basis of a great holiday.

Below is a little timeline of what we did and my review and recommendations if you’re planning on visiting.

Saturday 18th

We were up early for our flight which was at 0700. The flight was a standard Ryanair flight but luckily we managed to get our bags placed in the hold for free (a bit of luck as mines is always over – I have no idea how people ‘underpack’!) 

Transfer to our hotel was roughly 45 minutes so we were in and unpacked by 4pm or so. We stayed at the Porto Azzurro self catering apartments and spent the afternoon having a wander around to see what was where. The apartments were great for us considering what we paid and how much we were actually in them.

We grabbed some late lunch at the Xemxija cafe down the road which became our go to place for good food throughout our holiday. 

The rest of the afternoon to early evening we spent just walking around St. Paul’s Bay to see what we could see. Dinner was in the Irish bar at our hotel – the portions were absolutely huge but I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture!

An early night was on the cards as we’d been up since 4am!

Sunday 19th

Up the hill from our hotel was a heritage trail called the “Roman Road” so we got up early, had breakfast and took a walk up there. It was incredible to see so many structures that were built thousands of years ago still in place – and the view from the top wasn’t bad either. 

The way back down was treaturous though! 

Later in the afternoon we jumped on the bus to St. Julian’s. The buses were frequent and cheap but they were so busy!

We had a wander around the harbour at the Hilton in St. Julian’s and admired all the yachts before heading for some dinner. 

Monday 20th

Another tip on the bus, but to Valletta this time. If I’m honest, there wasn’t much there for us – at least we couldn’t find it if there was. I’m not quite sure where we walked to but we ended up with a really nice view!

When we got back from Valletta we walked from our hotel to Mistra Bay. My route took us along a busy road with no pavement – but Michael wanted to take us the cliff route back – it was a bit of an adrenaline rush and I almost took a panic attack every time he got too close to the edge! 

Tuesday 21st

We both agree this was our favourite day by far. We got up early to take the boat trip to Gozo and Comino. We left from Sliema in not a ferry, a boat. So I was immediately on edge and was marking checkpoints as to whether or not I’d be able to swim back to land should something dreadful happen. We made it to Gozo and got on the bus to the Azure Window. It was incredible. 

It was then back to the boat for a trip to Comino. We paid extra for a tour round the caves in a speed boat and it was so worth it! 

Next stop was the famous Blue Lagoon and I can quite honestly say it’s the most amazing place I’ve ever been. When we got there it was really warm – being Scottish we’d already prepared for swimming in the sea even if it was thunder and lightening! The water was a bit chilly though…

Our dinner was at the Chinese restaurant just up the road from our hotel – it was amazing!

Wednesday 22nd

Another bus trip! This time north to Melliha where we visited Popeyes Village and had some lunch. 

My recommendation- DO NOT drink the free punch! 

Thursday 23rd

We returned to St. Julian’s to go the the Hard Rock Cafe. They serve the best Pina Colada I have ever tasted – and the food was delicious!

We were so full I don’t think we had dinner!

Friday 24th

The worst part of the holiday is when the realisation sets in that you have to go home again. We walked for miles on the Friday to try tire ourselves out because our transfer was arriving at 3.30am! 

We took another walk to Mistra Bay, up the Roman Road and had dinner at the cafe before having an early night.

Saturday 24th

Early rise for home time – the only part of the holiday I wouldn’t do again!
The verdict is that Malta was amazing and I’d visit again in a heartbeat!
Chloe x

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